Oral Hygiene

It's so important to instil good dental habits in your children from a young age. According to the Australian Dental Association, establishing and maintaining good oral hygiene practices during childhood is essential if good oral health is to be enjoyed throughout life1.

1 Policies and Guidelines: Children, Australian Dental Association, ADA Council of Scientific Affairs, 2010, 29 Aug. 2011 LINK.

Make dental visits a happy habit

Our qualified Dental Hygienists know that getting their youngest patients to maintain oral hygiene appointments is vital to maintaining their dental health. With this in mind we are a child friendly practice and our Dental Hygienists are especially good with those shyer members of the family. We recommend bi-annual oral hygiene appointments with our Dental hygienists. The periodic oral exams which accompany these appointments provide opportunities for your Dentist to examine your child's teeth and this combined with professional cleaning help to prevent any problems from occurring. The earlier you start your child's routine of visiting the dentist, the greater the chances they will continue the habit as an adult.

Develop a home and school dental routine

Brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride-based toothpaste is necessary for fighting periodontal disease. If your child commits to a brushing and flossing regime under your supervision, a day will come when your supervision will no longer be required. An apple in your child’s lunch box will serve a teeth cleaning palate cleanser, and whilst they may not use it, the inclusion of a small container of floss may serve as a reminder that teeth and gums require regular attention, especially after meals. It’s all about instilling good habits while they are young.

Reward good dental habits

Acknowledging whenever your child does something that contributes towards their dental health will help them make healthy choices throughout life. Encouragement whenever they choose fruit over sweets, water over juice or wear their mouth guard without being told will contribute towards the right choices become habitual.

Pre-purchase a mouth guard

Sport classes are an essential part of school. It's important that your child wears a mouth guard when playing sports in order to protect their teeth from injuries that may damage teeth. St Quentin dental makes customised mouth guards on site for your convenience.