Ortho Consultation

At St Quentin Dental we believe in an early intervention approach to orthodontic treatment to ensure the detection of a potential problems providing a greater opportunity for successful orthodontic treatment. This is in accordance to the recommendations of the Australian Society of Orthodontists. This can also result in the prevention of more serious problems later in life.

As a one stop practice, your dentist at St Quentin Dental will carefully monitor the development of your children’s teeth and oral health, providing any orthodontic recommendations if required.

The main goals of early interceptive treatment are to help ensure the correct positioning and development of the teeth and jaws. More specifically, early orthodontic intervention can:

  • Help prevent the crowding of teeth as they erupt.
  • Create room for teeth that have not yet erupted.
  • Help enhance facial imagery through correcting jaw growth and alignment.
  • Reduce the risk of trauma later in life and the need for extraction.
  • Correct specific speech problems or issues.

As your local dentist in Claremont, we aim to help ensure the correct growth and development of you and your families’ teeth and jaws. Often, interceptive treatment may be complete in two phases where following the initial treatment there is a resting period where a patient will wear a retainer while any remaining teeth are left to erupt. Then, a comprehensive orthodontic assessment is conducted again to determine if any further treatment is required.

Book your child in for their Orthodontic Consultation today to determine their eligibility, and we will work with you on a tailored treatment plan.